Privacy and the Press

This page first appeared on a website launched in 2004 as a companion to my book Privacy and the Press. Although the website is no longer being updated, you can still buy the latest, paperback, edition of my book on the OUP website. Alternatively, by clicking here you can have a hardback copy printed for you.

Extracts are available through Google Books. And here are some reviews of Privacy and the Press:

Alan Rusbridger: The Guardian
Alasdair Palmer: Sunday Telegraph
Mark Damazer: TLS
Anna Ford: New Statesman
Rod Dadak: Solicitors Journal
Geoffrey Bindman: Ham & High
David Wurtzel: Counsel
Brian Block: Justice of the Peace
Tom Welsh: Media Lawyer
Geoffrey Hodgson: Oxford Today
Joyce McMillan: The Scotsman
Alistair Bonnington: Law Society of Scotland Journal
Jennifer McDermott: European HR Law Review
Tom Stoppard: Sunday Telegraph
Christopher Shortell: Law and Politics Book Review
Tanya Aplin: King's College Law Journal
Francis Wheen: Times Higher Education Supplement
A G Noorani: Frontline
Kathy Walker: Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

This preface to the paperback edition updated the book with some important developments.